Does she light your fire?

Does she light your fire, baby?

Does she ignite your soul?

Does one look electrify and illuminate every part of your masculinity?

If not, then baby, she’s not for you.

Do you feel like grabbing, lifting and twirling her round and round every time you see her?

Does she kiss you with soft lips making every part of you melt in to her until you become one?

Does she make you feel sexy and wanted, bringing you to your knees with just one word?

No? Then, baby, she’s not for you.

She doesn’t care whether your hair is short or long, you’re unshaven or clean shaven, as long as you love it just the way it is.

She doesn’t care if you have chiseled abs or no abs.

She doesn’t care if you’re in workout gear, work gear or a suit, she will love you just the way you are.

Does she love your belly, your stretchmarks and your scars?

No? Then, baby, let her go.

Does her body in a simple t-shirt and a pair of old jeans make you weak in the knees?

Does she drive you insane with her indecisiveness? Do her insecurities make you want to love her more?

Do you love the parts of her that she hates most, because they are part of her and you want to show her that everything about her is beautiful?

No other beauty gets your attention, because no matter how perfect others appear, they are just not her.

If so, then baby, don’t let her go.

Does she sit beside you in a restaurant and not across whenever she can? And order from the menu knowing that she will share with you whatever she gets?

When she feeds you, you can’t resist eating whatever she gives you, because with every mouthful you take more of her, more of her love, more of her heart.

Isn’t that why food always tastes better when she feeds you?

Does your morning coffee together make you feel blessed with every sip you take? Just because she is there with you, sharing the same taste of coffee in her mouth and same warmth in her belly.

Yes? Then, baby, don’t you dare let her go.

Does the smell of her skin and breath make you want to breathe her in to your soul?

When her face is in your neck, can you hear her breathe in your scent so deeply, like she is inhaling your soul?

Do her fingertips brush your back, neck and arms, like she is painting your soul?

Her delicate fingers like a paintbrush made from the petals of a rose and her love the paint. She leaves her masterpiece, her work of art, on your being.

If so, then baby, she’s yours for sure.

Does her neediness draw you closer to her instead of pushing you away?

Do you feel like protecting her with every inch of your life?

Do you miss her even when she’s there beside you?

Do you feel peace, a sense of security and a feeling of protection just because she is part of your life?

With your head on her chest and her arms around you, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Yes? Then baby, hold on and never let her let go.

Her kisses are familiar. Like you’ve kissed them a million times, in a hundred different bodies, in a hundred different eras, at a hundred different places.

There is complete alignment… alignment of bodies, of souls, alignment of the universe bringing you together… together again after lifetimes apart.

A reunion… a reunion of the souls.

She looks into your eyes and you know, that a new door has opened, a new chapter is about to be written and there is no going back to before her.

Baby, you’ve waited your whole damn life for this, so hold on tight and never let go.

Sila Sims
Sila Sims is from Melbourne, Australia and is the founder of Whealth Lab. After living and working across the UK, Europe and Middle East for half a decade, she settled back in Melbourne in January 2020 to follow her dream of spreading messages of love, wisdom and positivity to the world through Whealth Lab.

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