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Does she light your fire?

Does she light your fire, baby? Does she ignite your soul? Does one look electrify and illuminate every part of your masculinity?

Does he light your fire?

Does he light your fire baby? Does he ignite your soul? Does one look electrify and illuminate every part of your femininity? If not, then baby he's not for you.

What happens when you remove yourself from toxic people?

Have you ever been away from a toxic environment for a period of time and started to feel like yourself again? Started to recognize yourself again and your worth? You know that incredible feeling you get when you come back to your senses about who you are and what you want out of life and how inspired you feel just thinking about it?

Vehicles of Life

We all have different vehicles in life and they’re not the kind you automatically think of. The vehicles I write about are more metaphorical and somewhat spiritual. The ‘vehicles of life’ still take you from point A to point B, but unlike a car, bus, train or plane that takes you to a physical destination, the ‘vehicles of life’ take you from one chapter of your life to another.

Could monotony lead to infidelity?

As just as people lose excitement for a job, their business, their clothes, their car, their home and their environment, that they too lose excitement in their relationship.

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What if it all works out?

What if it all works out? What if, instead of telling yourself that something won’t work out, you tell yourself that it will?

Instant Inspo: The Past

The only time you should be looking back is if you’re posing for a photo or to see how far you’ve...

Face the world: a poem for women

You are a woman. You are a creator. You are a homemaker. You are a caretaker. You are a captivator. You are a soul-shaker. You are a life maker.